Where do they sell Mill's Pride Kitchen Cabinets

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Published: 09th March 2010
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Mill's Pride cabinets is a company that started selling cabinets when Home Depot open its first 3 stores in Atlanta Georgia. Mill's Pride was a privately owned company based in Florida and Home Depot needed to fill its warehouse with home improvement merchandise. A business alliance was formed between these two companies and we know the rest. Mill's Pride was later sold to Masco kitchen cabinet line.

Mill's Pride Cabinets are no longer available at Home Depot or anywhere else. There is a new company that can get you most door styles carried by Mill's Pride Cabinets.

The company from which you can buy Mill's Pride Kitchen Cabinets is a new online cabinet company that can special order all the Mill's Pride doors, closet items, and accessories. The name is Mill's Pride Kitchens and is currently ordering all thermofoil doors styles. They are working to get all of the wood tone colors and selections that Mill's Pride Kitchen cabinets offered. They also are carrying an All Wood Kitchen Cabinet Collection just like the one at kitchens pro and skb kitchens.

I do have a word of advice from customers that have recently learned the hard way about IKEA cabinets. THEY DO NOT FIT MILLS PRIDE CABINETS. Ikea cabinets are ½" higher than Mills Pride kitchen cabinets and since most people think that they can replace Mill's Pride Doors with Ikea's door style to save money. If you need to get doors that will fit visit the links provided below at Mill's Pride Kitchens or SKB kitchens.

You can get more information by contacting them directly at http://www.millspridekitchens.com

Also you can try http://www.skb-kitchens.com

Try also a great granite sinks company http://www.egranitesinks.com

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